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Designed to provide you with flexibility, Double lets you choose the amount of assistance you need in a given day, week, or month. Enjoy your first full month with no hourly minimum.



5 - 9 hours/month



10 - 24 hours/month



25+ hours/month

Pay as you go

Your double tracks their time whenever they work on a project for you. We don't round up the minutes so you only pay for what you've used—never more.

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Support with Double starts at just 5 hours per month

“Colin is sort of my more funny, more human R2D2. She helps me be more efficient and allowed me to reclaim many hours a week, seamlessly integrating with my teams and workflows.”

Henrik Werdelin

Co-founder at Barkbox

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Your first full month with Double is your trial period, during which there is no 5-hour minimum. This gives you time to learn how to work with and delegate tasks to your Double assistant.

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