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Work better with your executive assistant

Double takes delegation to the next level, with the best tools and workflows to collaborate with your executive assistant.

Double Mobile App for Executives

Step up your delegation game

Imagine smoother communication. More visibility. Fewer things falling through the cracks. Less time handling the nitty gritty, and more time working on what matters.

With beautifully designed tools and workflows from the best in the industry, Double makes delegation incredibly fast and intuitive for both you and your EA.

What else will you be able to achieve together?

Promote your assistant to chief of staff

Double is based on best practices from the most experienced executives and EAs we know. From sending daily briefings to quickly going over decisions, we make it easy to do it like the pros.

Briefing for Executive created by Assistant in Double

A better way to communicate

Keep and organize all your conversations with your EA in a shared to-do list, outside of distraction-prone apps like Slack, email or text. More visibility for you and fewer things falling through the cracks for them.

Communicate efficiently between Executive and Assistant in Double
I'm loving using Double. It helps me check tasks quickly, keeping information easily accessible.
We've completely changed the way we work with my EA, I couldn’t imagine going back to texting.
Double is the first app I check after every meeting – it saves my EA tons of time, and makes my life much easier.

Right where you need it

Forwarding is messy and makes it hard to keep track of what’s going on. Double helps you share new tasks and the content around them in a faster and more efficient way, right from your inbox.

Work efficiently with your executive assistant from Google Chrome and Gmail

The best tools for the job

We help your EA spend less time on repetitive and mundane tasks, and more time on what matters. From task management to email and scheduling, Double is the best tool to get their job – and everything else on their to-do list – done.

Take delegation to the next level
Things move way faster. The chat per task is absolutely amazing.
I love the "record" button. It allows to quicky share a rich context with Eryn. Fantastic feature.
I wouldn't be able to do without the Double app. It's my work base now.
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