Focus on what matters

Double connects busy executives with experienced part-time administrative assistants and delegation tools—so you can save time and stay focused.

Double connects busy executives with experienced part-time assistants and delegation tools

Powered by people

Your Double virtual admin assistant is local to your area, highly skilled, and vetted by our team.

Supported by tech

The Double app makes delegating administrative tasks effortless – whether you need help with emails, scheduling, or more.

Designed by delegation experts

Our productivity methods are derived from the best CEOs in the industry and built into our admin assistant onboarding.

Delegation made easy

Getting help with your work shouldn’t feel like… work. Whether you need help with administrative tasks, inbox management, scheduling, organizing events, or more, Double admin assistants make it easy to start getting time back right away.

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It's easy to get started delegating tasks with Double's tools

Meet your match

AI doesn't always get it right, but real humans equipped with the best tools do. We match you with an administrative assistant based on their work style and experience with executives in similar roles. Highly skilled and proactive, your Double admin is an extension of yourself.

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Work with a remote executive assistant that has relevant experience and is compatible with you

Support when you need it

Double works the way you work. Choose the amount of admin assistance you need in a given day, week, or month. Starting at just 5 hours a month, we’re ready whenever you need us.

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Support with Double starts at just 5 hours per month

Ready to get time back?

Working with a Double administrative assistant starts at just $300/month

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