A New Kind of Remote Executive Assistant Service

EAs aren’t just for top executives anymore. At Double, we believe a part time virtual assistant combined with AI technology can help transform the lives of startup founders, teams, and busy individuals everywhere.

We’re obsessed with productivity

Double was founded in 2018 by Alice Default, Christophe Lamperti, and Pierre-Elie Fauché, who met while working at Sunrise Calendar, which was acquired by Microsoft. After working in the productivity space for 6+ years, Double’s founders had become fixated on finding better ways for people to work together. The best way forward? Adding the human element to productivity tools.

Double’s founding team had become fixated on finding better ways for people to work together

We believe focus is your greatest skill

No matter how fast and efficient our apps become, we still need to check our email, schedule meetings, and log expenses. Overwhelmed by tasks, few of us actually have time to do the work we're best at. By delegating work to experienced part-time assistants, you can save time, stay focused, and prioritize what matters most.

The Double app enables you to communicate with your double

We put the human relationship first

Double is more than a productivity tool. We're connecting real people so they can support one another by doing what they do best! Our team of 100+ talented Double assistants are located across the US, France, and Canada.

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Meet the team

Double is a distributed team of people who are passionate about productivity and collaboration. While our headquarters is in Brooklyn, our team can be found working remotely across the globe—from Paris to Oklahoma City.

Double HQ Team

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