Get Long-Haul Support From a Remote Office Assistant

Not a mind reader, but close. Get ongoing support from a dedicated administrative assistant who will learn your routine inside-out.

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Not a Mind-Reader, but Close.

We believe that successful delegation comes from strong relationships. Our 1:1 personalized matching means you'll work with someone who can get to know you better than yourself.


Flexible Delegation Tailored to You.

At Double, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Delegate a wide range of tasks to your EA –– routine and ad-hoc, work and personal, for you and your team. Scale hours up and down as needed.

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An App That Guides Delegation.

Access coaching and best practices from 600+ executives & EAs in the Double app. AI supports your EA to deliver enhanced work quality and efficiency, and you can track progress with real-time reports.


“Because I had tools like Calendly that automated my processes, I always maintained that I didn’t need an EA. But over time, as Klara grew, I realized that the tools I was using didn’t—and couldn’t—provide the customized and professional service that a human is capable of.”

Simon Lorenz

Co-CEO at Klara

Dependable support for today and tomorrow.

Double EAs offer ongoing support for repeating or routine tasks. Here are some examples of how an EA might help you.


  • Handle all scheduling requests

  • Coordinate internal and external scheduling

  • Organize one-time and recurring events

  • Manage cancellations and rescheduling


  • Triage and categorize inbox

  • Draft and send message replies

  • Send reminders for important message replies

  • Unsubscribe and clean up unwanted messages


  • Prepare pre-meeting context and agenda

  • Capture meeting minutes

  • Send follow up notes to attendees

  • Follow up on meeting action items


  • Send morning briefings to prep for your day

  • Prepare weekly reports on where you spent time

  • Draft weekly or daily priority reviews

  • Set up recurring focus time


  • Create travel itineraries

  • Book all travel and accommodations

  • Suggest local attractions

  • Make restaurant reservations


  • General project management

  • Save and organize documents

  • Track and pay invoices

  • Manage expense tracking

Event planning

  • Plan company or customer events

  • Coordinate on-site vendors

  • Prepare event itineraries

  • Send invitations and track attendees


  • Create topic overviews

  • Find potential partners or products

  • Prep contact bios and background details

  • Locate contact info for new connections

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