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Learn how Double’s executive assistant service compares to traditional hiring models.

Full-time assistant

Temp assistant

Double assistant

Time to source

4 - 8 weeks

1 - 3 weeks

1 - 2 days

Time to onboard

2 weeks

1 week

1 day

Internal resources required

Recruiting, HR, payroll, IT, training, ongoing management

Payroll, IT, training, ongoing management


Software proficiency



Experienced with top tools used by tech companies



Remote, often overseas

Remote, local to your area


Dispersed - Email, Slack, Teams, Skype, Text

Dispersed - Email, Slack, Teams, Skype

Double app - chat, text, voice notes; Gmail, Slack

Delegation process




Cost per week (15 hr avg)

$1,480 payroll + job listing, employment taxes, and benefits

$840 bill rate (includes taxes and fees)

$650 (no employment taxes or fees) - Pricing plans


At-will employment

Contract terms

No commitment

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2019

Save time and money

With Double, executives are able to save time without the cost of hiring, onboarding, or management. Double’s executive assistant app provides methods that make delegation and task management effortless, so executives and their assistants are always in sync.

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Double’s executive assistant service helps executives save time and money

“I tried many services and apps to save time and get help on projects. Double is the one I've stuck with the longest. My assistant Anastasia is amazing - the Double apps give me all the visibility I need.”

Kevin H

VP of Engineering at Instacart

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