Frequently asked questions

About our assistants

What is a double?

Doubles are all college-educated executive assistants, based in the United States (we also have a few in France for our French clients). They have at least 5 years experience working as assistants for busy CEOs and C-level executives. Once you're matched with your double, they will be the only person you work with: they'll get to know you, your company, and your team and learn to be proactive about your needs.

What tasks can my double help with?

Our doubles can help with calendar management, scheduling, inbox help, travel, meeting preparation and follow-ups, contact management, project management, administrative tasks, expenses, invoices, onboarding new employees, recruiting process, data entry, research projects, personal projects...

What tasks can't my double help with?

We cannot help with any physical errands (though we can help find someone to run them), or tasks that require a specific expertise (legal, advanced accounting, graphic design...).

How do I communicate with my double?

We have a desktop app, a Gmail extension, and an iOS app to help you communicate seamlessly with your double and track projects. On top of that, we'll help you give your double access to the tools you already use: Slack, Asana, Trello, ... And of course, you can always email or call your double.

Getting started

Why should I use Double instead of hiring someone part-time?

Finding a great assistant is hard work. Double makes it easy to get started with an experienced and vetted assistant right away, with little long-term commitment. On top of that, we train our doubles with industry best practices so you don't have to, and give you access to workflows and tips from our community to kick start your collaboration. Finally, the tools we build help you and your double save time every day, making it more efficient to work with Double than anyone else.

I just signed up. What's next?

Welcome! Schedule your introduction call with us so we can learn more about your expectations and preferences. Once we know more about you, we'll find the best double to fit your needs and introduce them to you during our onboarding call. You can start sending projects to your double right after the call.

How do I choose my dedicated double?

Our goal is to make it as fast and easy for you to get you started. That's why we pick the best double for you based on the information we gathered during our introduction call. We take into account the tasks you need help with, the double's experience, timezone, and personality. Wrong matches rarely happen, but when they do, we'll find you a new double asap and transition all your projects to them.

When is my double available?

Doubles work standard business hours, Monday through Friday, and are not required or expected to work on weekends or after 6 p.m. You can send new tasks anytime — if sent after hours, your double will have a look as soon as they're back. During business hours, you will always get an answer to your messages in less than 2 hours.

Will my data and personal information be secure?

We run extensive background checks on all doubles and have a very strict selection process: less than 1% of the assistants that apply start working with us. On top of that, your data is encrypted and access controlled with industry’s standards and best practices on our platform, while passwords and other sensitive information shared with your double are secured with tools like 1Password. Finally, all of our doubles sign NDAs.

In which country is Double available?

We currently have doubles in the United States, Canada, and France and are accepting clients in these countries.

Why do you only accept people who have a Google Suite account and an iPhone?

We are a small team building tools for both our clients and our doubles, on desktop and mobile. Unfortunately, this means that we've had to make tough choices on where to begin. We're focused on Google Suite and iPhone users for now, but do have plans to expand to Outlook and Android users in the future.


How does billing work?

Your double tracks their time every time they work on a project for you. At the end of the month, we bill you for the hours you have used (we don't round up the minutes so you'll pay just for what you've used, never more). We have a 5-hour per month minimum, that starts at $250, or $50 per hour. The more hours you use, the less expensive they become: $45 per hour after 10h used per month and $40 per hour after 25h used per month.

Do you offer a trial?

Yes, your first full month with Double is your trial period, during which there are no hourly minimums. This means that if you sign up on the 15th of the month, you will have no hourly minimum to meet for the rest of that month and the following month. We offer this so you have plenty of time to learn how to work with and delegate tasks to your Double assistant. Once you begin your second full month with Double, you will be expected to meet the standard 5-hour minimum per month.

Can I use Double with my team?

Double supports individuals across leadership teams––from CEOs and COOs to VPs of Engineering and Heads of Sales. If multiple people at your company are using Double, you can choose to consolidate their invoices into one to simplify the billing process for your company. While we cannot guarantee you and your teammates will have the same double due to availability and compatibility, we do our best to have as few doubles working across your team as possible. Our doubles go through the same vetting and selection process and meet each other at virtual events, so you can expect a consistent level of service and excellent collaboration.