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Great software makes the difference between a good and outstanding remote assistant experience. Our deep expertise in productivity, collaboration, and remote-first tools means our bar is as high as yours.

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Delegate from anywhere

Your assistant is always one tap away. Find the Double app on the web, mobile, Slack, and Chrome.

Mingo AI

Human + AI assistance

When AI is your assistant's assistant, there are no compromises. You win.


Transparent reporting

See real-time usage, track your EA's performance, and get regular updates on all your tasks.


Industry best practices

Discover how other executives are delegating. Access coaching & advice tailored to your goals.

“The Double app is one of my go-to apps. The chat per task is absolutely amazing to help keep everything in one spot and move projects faster. Also love sending voice messages with just a tap.”

Maxime Germain

Founder & CEO at Jour

Human experience backed by powerful AI

Double’s AI companion, Mingo, proactively helps Double assistants execute tasks more efficiently. EAs rely on Mingo to save time so they can prioritize critical projects that require their valuable expertise and human judgment.

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Effortless communication, smoother delegation

Mingo captures the essence of each new task you delegate to your EA, summarizing and asking key follow-up questions. Your Double can focus on their speed and quality of execution instead of clarifying expectations and instructions.

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Evolves to your patterns and preferences

Your EA + AI team masters how to best support you by learning your preferences over time and building a history of collaboration with you. The more you delegate, the more context is remembered, improving the relevance of AI-generated suggestions and the quality of your assistant's work.

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Always with you for work and life

Delegate any email with the touch of a button, send off a voice note while you wait for the train, or share screenshots and links without opening another app. Your EA sees all requests in a single, productivity-optimized dashboard, no matter where your thoughts come from.

Mingo Apps (no Chrome)

Time is money. So save both.

Discover real-time visibility on your EA's productivity.

Reporting + Email Digest

Tracking your assistant’s progress doesn’t need to drain your focus. Get real-time, unparalleled insight into your EA’s productivity by checking reports in-app and reviewing weekly email digests. With the Double app, you’ll be able to:

• Set alerts & monitor your EA’s hours in real time.
• Review a weekly email digest summarizing EA progress.
• Evaluate detailed breakdowns of time spent per project.
• Ensure you stay within your monthly plan hours.

Email digest

Executive Profile

With Double, there’s no need to repeat yourself. Your EA centralizes key information into your executive profile so they can quickly access it and make delegating easier. Your EA can continuously update your profile with information like:

• Company SOPs & Important Documents
• Business & Personal Contacts
• Email Templates
• Travel Preferences
• And more!

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Templates + Coaching

Need a little guidance? Start delegating with ease by using Templates. Each template contains best practices from a community of 600+ executives and EA collaborations. Use Templates to:

• Understand the basics of effective delegation.
• Identify the top priorities to delegate immediately and which items can wait.
• Learn to communicate task objectives clearly.
• Access learnings and best practices from experienced delegators.

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Delegate with confidence, trust, and visibility from day one.

Let our tools do the heavy lifting, and don't be surprised to see how natural it feels. You were always meant to be good at this!

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