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As a startup founder, it feels like the world is on your shoulders. Delegating helps. Reach your goals faster with Double’s Executive Assistants.

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Services that Scale With You.

Your startup moves quickly – Double can keep up. Bring on assistants for long-term or ad-hoc support, scale hours up and down, and delegate work or personal tasks to your assistant.

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Support that Sets You Up For Success.

Get support where you need it most from some of the top EA talent in the industry. Double provides resources, onboarding, and coaching to help you delegate effectively.

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Tools that Promote Max Efficiency.

AI-enabled tools make delegating a seamless experience for you and your EA. Double’s app empowers your assistant to stay organized, communicate clearly, and boost productivity.

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“Because I had tools like Calendly that automated my processes, I always maintained that I didn’t need an EA. But over time, as Klara grew, I realized that the tools I was using didn’t—and couldn’t—provide the customized and professional service that a human is capable of.”

Simon Lorenz

Co-CEO at Klara

What can you delegate in a month?

Here's how one Double assistant spends 10 hours, supporting an early-stage startup founder.

  • Scheduled 50 meetings

  • Planned company offsite

  • Researched and scheduled workout sessions

  • Organized holiday gifts for employees

  • Screened applicants for company job roles

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