April 23, 2020

How CEOs are Delegating in the Time of COVID-19

Delegation 101: CEOs In the Time of COVID-19

The swift and unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic has left most of us scrambling to adjust to a new reality of remote life—juggling childcare with self-care and work. In our community, many are turning to their "doubles," or virtual assistants, to help with the deluge of new tasks the pandemic has brought. From organizing virtual conferences to researching childcare to staying abreast of the best remote tools, executives are teaming up with their double to keep them (and life) on track. Here we've compiled the top tasks 100+ CEOs are delegating to help them stay effective, connected, and sane.

👨‍💻 Stay productive (and connected) at home

From navigating the flood of Zoom meetings to re-thinking Q2 strategy, unexpected work tasks and hurdles are taking up a lot more bandwidth than they were two months ago. The result? More of us are having to laser focus our priorities, devise new remote playbooks, and adapt our products to best serve our community. To help, your double can:

  • Set up the best remote tools for your company and organize virtual coffee meetings, happy hours, book clubs, and more
  • Organize webinars, virtual conferences, and team lunch 'n' learns
  • Order remote desktop supplies (standing desk and noise-canceling headphones, anyone?)
  • Reschedule and cancel travel plans
  • Send care packages and order lunch delivery for the team
  • Research and share the best remote tools for collaboration
  • Make arrangements for closing or maintaining the office while closed
  • Organize expenses related to office shut down

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Support a healthy, happy family

We've all seen the clip of the BBC news anchor who's young children unknowingly waddle in while he's in the middle of a live broadcast. With the line between work and family blurring, many are searching for childcare options, faster food delivery, and creative ways to keep the family connected. Your can ask your double to:

  • Look for childcare solutions
  • Arrange remote tutoring and schooling
  • Set up food, medication, and healthcare supply delivery
  • Schedule virtual social activities for children
  • Order board games, puzzles, and toys
  • Organize an emergency contact list

💪 Take care of yourself during COVID-19

While we're alone at home, the online world has never been more crowded—from remote game nights (Codenames, anyone?) to hangs in the Houseparty App. You can upskill and take any course imaginable from the likes of Coursera and EdX as well as find a fitness trainer or kettlebell workout. To help you find what you need, your double can:

  • Schedule wellness on your calendar
  • Order workout equipment
  • Find online training sessions
  • Book online music lessons
  • Schedule a virtual cooking class
  • Check gym membership status
  • Look for virtual workshops to attend

🏡 Make an impact from home

For most of us, it's hard to stay home without being able to help. We're wired to act. We want to help keep our local businesses afloat, our healthcare workers healthy, as well as understand our funding options if our business takes a turn. Top tasks on our community's list are to:

  • Apply for grants, loans, and find legal assistance
  • Manage travel credits
  • Donate to healthcare charities
  • Buy gift certificates from favorite local businesses
  • Clean up contacts, passwords, files, etc

Moving forward in community

CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs around the world are working hard to adapt and adjust to a new normal. Many are facing similar hurdles—from staying productive at work to keeping their family healthy to supporting their community. Here at Double, we continue to update our apps daily based on what's working best for our community of executives.

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