March 29, 2024

Quick and Easy Delegation Ideas to Free Up Your Time


Every minute of your time counts. At work, your time is best spent on strategic thinking, decision-making, and growth. Delegating tasks to a virtual executive assistant helps you free up your schedule so you can focus on your top priorities.

But if you’re new to working with an assistant, you may be wondering about the tasks that can be delegated. If you’re unsure, that’s totally okay. We have some delegation ideas to get you started.

Personal Tasks

Your day doesn’t end at the office – a part time virtual assistant can help check off your to-do list at home, too. Here are some examples of personal tasks you might delegate to your assistant:

  • Research vacation destinations and local attractions: Let your assistant find the perfect getaway spot or plan activities for your next trip.

  • Make restaurant reservations: Whether you're planning a business dinner or planning a romantic date, your assistant can handle the logistics.

  • Find & order gifts for upcoming birthdays/anniversaries: Never miss an important occasion again by delegating gift hunting and purchasing.

  • Schedule personal appointments: From doctor visits to haircuts, your assistant can keep your calendar in check.

  • Order weekly groceries: Save time and energy by having your assistant manage your orders and deliveries.

Double In Action: Double client James G. tasked his assistant Philip with planning and coordinating his family vacation to Las Vegas. Read the Full Story.

Entrusting personal tasks to your assistant can free up valuable time for spending with loved ones, focusing on an enriching hobby, or simply unwinding after a long day.

Organization & Admin

Streamlining office functions is key to maximizing productivity. Here are some common examples of tasks that can be delegated at work:

  • Add contacts on LinkedIn after meetings: Expand your professional network effortlessly by delegating this task to your assistant.

  • Order office supplies or source an office supplier: Let your assistant handle the ordering to ensure you never run out of essential supplies.

  • Set up a CRM for personal or professional contacts: Keep your contacts organized and accessible with the help of your assistant.

  • Organize digital files or photos: Say goodbye to digital clutter. Your assistant can tidy up your digital space and make finding files a breeze.

  • Get a weekly rundown for upcoming meetings: Stay prepared with a weekly briefing from your assistant on upcoming meetings and deadlines.

Double in Action: Agency owner Mamie P. doubled her company’s revenue by delegating time-sucking admin tasks to her assistant, Kara. Read the Full Story.

With your assistant handling these administrative tasks, you'll have more bandwidth to focus on leadership and business growth.

Team Management & Hiring

Coordinating meetings, managing people, and recruitment can take lots of time and effort that you may not always have available. Here are some tasks your assistant can take off your plate:

  • Organize team meetings and events: Your assistant can handle all the details, from scheduling to coordinating logistics.

  • Send team recognition gifts: Show your appreciation for your hardworking team members with thoughtful gifts arranged by your assistant.

  • Post job openings to LinkedIn: Expand your talent pool by delegating the task of posting job openings and managing responses.

  • Coordinate interview scheduling: Save time and hassle by letting your assistant handle the back-and-forth of scheduling interviews.

  • Follow up on action items with team members: Delegate follow-up tasks to your assistant to ensure projects stay on track.

Double in Action: Startup Founder Victor C. delegated HR & recruitment tasks to his Double assistant Cécile to save 6 hours per week. Read the Full Story.

By delegating these responsibilities, you can foster a more cohesive and efficient team environment while freeing time to lead and inspire your team to greatness.

Delegate Fearlessly

Delegating tasks to a virtual executive assistant isn't just about offloading work; it's about leveraging your time effectively to focus on what truly matters. By entrusting your assistant with these easy delegation ideas, you can reclaim valuable time, reduce stress, and achieve greater productivity. So, don't hesitate to experiment with assigning tasks – your assistant is here to support you every step of the way.

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