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How a Sales Consultant Scaled Her Business & Optimized Time With Double

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How a Sales Consultant Scaled Her Business & Optimized Time With Double

How does a sales consultant with a thriving practice overcome the growing pains of scaling a business? Lara Khanafer, a seasoned B2B Sales Coach, realized she needed a new approach to continue her path to success.

As a coach and consultant, Lara works closely with clients to optimize conversion rates, increase average basket size, and reduce churn.

My journey of over 15 years in B2B sales strengthened my expertise and understanding of the challenges. The desire to share my knowledge, work with innovative companies, and contribute to their success was the driving force behind my decision to become a coach and consultant.

Her role extends beyond traditional coaching –– Lara also guides team management, problem-solving, and the creation of effective business development strategies. One of her secrets to success is her passion for the work: “I particularly enjoy discovering new companies, products, and services. Working with innovative companies fascinates me, especially when they have unique products in the market. The freedom to manage my time is also an advantage, and my intrinsic motivation allows me to progress without needing a team to guide me.”

Challenges of Scaling a Consulting Business

While Lara finds immense satisfaction in her coaching career, she faces unique challenges:

  • Supporting struggling companies often involves heavy strategic and directional changes.
  • Mobilizing teams requires a very high level of energy.
  • Getting into a zone of deep concentration is very draining.

To conquer these hurdles, she must stick to a schedule that gives her enough time to focus on clients while also having hours for outreach and essential administrative tasks. Additionally, she needs time to recuperate so she can continue to serve clients with a high level of energy. For Lara, a typical day is divided into three parts: Graphic – Daily Hours

This routine is essential to maintain focus and support her clients. However, as demand grew, her time began to stretch thin. The need to continue her typical pace while juggling administrative tasks became a sticking point.

Lara discovered that certain critical, supporting tasks were consuming her precious time, hindering her ability to focus on more profitable activities. She found herself in a difficult situation –– unable to abandon these administrative functions that kept her business running, yet needing more time for revenue-driving tasks.

Choosing Double to Delegate

Lara's need to focus her time more strategically led her to seek out an executive assistant. The decision to choose Double was driven by the desire to maximize time for profitability and streamline daily operations.

The decision to delegate is based on a cost-effectiveness calculation, where I can devote my hours to more profitable activities.

By partnering with Double, Lara could rely on a competent, like-minded assistant to help her manage her workload efficiently: “Double offers the opportunity to progress multiple projects simultaneously. This solution maximizes time, achieves virtual omnipresence, and accomplishes multiple tasks in parallel. It's like having dedicated employees without the complexities associated with managing a team. Moreover, the delegated person is autonomous, responsible, and demonstrates great discretion.”

A Seamless Collaboration Experience

Double became a pivotal force in streamlining Lara’s professional and personal life. Lara’s assistant, Chloe, was able to jump in and start handling critical tasks right away, including:

  • Scheduling lunches, outings, & appointments
  • Inbox management for three email accounts
  • Travel arrangements and bookings
  • Translating presentations into French
  • Tracking personal expenses
  • Drafting LinkedIn messages for various personas
  • Creating lists in LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Assistance in developing business proposals
  • Task tracking & project management
  • Research and compare insurance plans
  • Charitable & philanthropic research
  • Outreach for podcast recordings
  • Sending Christmas cards to contact lists

In December 2023, Lara delegated 15 hours to her assistant. Here is a snapshot of the types of tasks Chloe worked on for the month: Graphic – Tasks Delegated Further, the collaboration was a seamless one. The dynamic Lara and Chloe established was efficient, natural, and instant. Lara highlights her assistant's positive energy and discretion, emphasizing the essential role these qualities played in their successful collaboration.

We have established an effective dynamic where communication is almost intuitive.

Chloe also enjoys working with Lara: “I've been supporting her in the juggling act of being a self-employed coach and a mom. The tasks she throws my way are not only interesting and diverse but keep expanding my skill set! Thanks to the Double app, our communication is lightning-fast, making our teamwork dynamic and super motivating. And the cherry on top? All the info and docs I need to assist Lara are neatly packed into the app, so our daily collaboration is not only effective but also super easy!”

The Impact of Delegation With Double

Delegating to an assistant significantly lightened Lara's mental load, allowing her to concentrate on ROI-driving tasks. The time saved empowered Lara to make a big difference in her business.

Collaborating with my assistant has unlocked ongoing opportunities. Leads have naturally come in, and we have made progress on pending tasks. Upsells and new opportunities are emerging, demonstrating the positive impact of our collaboration. Overall, I see a significant improvement in the efficiency of my business. It also allows me to stay more up-to-date in customer follow-up, contributing to the enhancement of my reputation.

And she won’t stop there. Lara plans to delegate banking and financial tasks to her assistant in the near future, which will give her even more time to scale her business.

A Successful Business and a Balanced Personal Life

Self-motivated business owners and consultants like Lara feel the pressure to deliver their best work for their clients and grow their businesses. But the secret to success can lie in the time you take to recharge.

Lara offers a parting bit of advice on finding ways to be your best self in business and life: “My advice would be to stop worrying about the balance between work and personal life. Instead, try to find a moment each day dedicated solely to yourself. It could be an hour to recharge, exercise, or simply relax. This approach helps maintain balanced energy, essential for approaching professional and personal challenges with serenity. For me, I block every morning from 8:30 to 9:30 to take care of myself, whether it's at the gym or taking a break. This routine allows me to start the day with gratitude and energy.”

Lara Khanafer's story is one of resilience, adaptability, and strategic decision-making. Her collaboration with Double not only addressed the challenges she faced but propelled her business to new heights. As a B2B sales coach, Lara continues to inspire with her commitment to growth and the recognition that efficient delegation is a key to sustained success.

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