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How two startup founders reduced time spent on emails by 20% within two weeks

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Headquartered in San Francisco, CA
40+ employees
Cyber Security
Soo Choi, CEO and Co-Founder, Mondoo


Calendar scheduling had evolved from a problem into a nightmare for Soo Choi and one of her co-founders at their cyber security startup, Mondoo. Hundreds of emails had also begun piling up for Soo. 

Her co-founder’s inbox? 4,000 unread emails.

Software solutions weren’t doing much more than stemming the bleeding. Delegating to junior hires didn’t work for long, because at their Series A startup early-career talent was more interested in making a wider impact. Mondoo looked into a local staffing agency, but worried about how well its talent would slot into their unique needs. Another solution asked for way too much of Soo’s time in seeking to find the right EA for their team.

They needed dependable help that would arrive quickly, and without any handholding required.


With the help of Double, Mondoo was able to source a Top 1% EA who onboarded in days and began producing measurable results, quickly. With Double doing all of the lifting to establish the right match for Soo and her co-founder, they could continue focusing on higher-priorities while their Double, Lisa, ramped up ASAP. Then Lisa “just started getting things done.”


Soo and her co-founder reduced time spent on email by 20% within two weeks. In addition to eliminating email bottlenecks for the Mondoo team, their Double also worked to help Soo wrangle over 200 backlogged messages on LinkedIn. This helped Mondoo identify idle opportunities that they just hadn’t been able to efficiently explore before partnering with Double.

It's really important that I can get into a flow. With our Double on our team, I'm not worried if I miss a bunch of emails. I can stay productive.

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