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A Content Creator Delegates to a Remote Assistant to Focus on Family and Creativity

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Olivia Zapo leads a creative, fulfilling work and personal life. She’s a mother of four and a content creator focusing on fashion, home decor, health, and motherhood.

But balancing work, creativity, and caring for four children can be very stressful. We had a candid, fascinating discussion with Olivia, during which she revealed how delegating to a remote assistant helps her better focus her energy.

The Decision to Work With a Part-Time Virtual Assistant

Olivia creates content with a purpose –– to connect with people and build community, with a special nod to parents: “I develop creative content across several media channels to uplift and empower other moms, people, and creative souls.”

While she enjoys the creative outlet that her content gives her, she also loves spending time with her children. However, things can get hectic for Olivia both in her work and as a mom: “One of my daughters needs specific medical attention. Over the last year, my daughter’s medical needs have become very important, but managing paperwork, appointment scheduling, and research surrounding it has grown very time-consuming and overwhelming.”

Olivia began feeling the strain, thinking she had to handle so much on her own. Eventually, she hit a point where she decided to hire a personal assistant.

What Olivia Delegates to Her Remote Assistant

Once Olivia began delegating to her Double assistant Kelsey, she was floored by how much she could delegate:

Double helped open my eyes to the things I could pass off to someone else.

Right away, Kelsey began taking care of critical work tasks: “One of the essential things she helps with is my correspondence and inbox. I trusted her to handle a backlog of follow-ups and communication, and she keeps my inbox organized.”

A Snapshot of Tasks Olivia Delegates to Her Assistant

  • Inbox & Correspondence Management
  • Research
  • Planning Schedules
  • Booking Appointments
  • Organizing a Move

Olivia also trusts Kelsey to support her as she navigates her daughter’s medical needs: “I needed help researching state medical benefits for my daughter. It was a complicated and time-consuming project, and I already had my hands full. Kelsey was able to follow up, call the state program, and get answers to all my questions.”

More Time For Family & Creativity

From their first interaction, Olivia felt comfortable with her assistant:

One thing I really appreciate about Double is the matchmaking process. From the beginning, Kelsey and I clicked. Now we’ve become friends, and the trust continues to grow.

That trust was crucial in the ease of working together and, ultimately, what led to reducing stress. Now, Olivia has more time for the things that bring her joy:

“I have more time to focus on the most important things in my life. Double helps me be more present with my kids and family. I can be more focused when speaking with healthcare professionals at my daughter’s doctor’s appointments. I also get more deep creative time, which helps me create better content. Now, I don’t have to stay up late at night editing videos and preparing my content schedule–– I have reasonable times during the day when I can get that done thanks to being able to delegate to Double.”

The Support System That Gives Back Time

Olivia believes the true value that Double brings is meaningful support. Delegating to a remote assistant alleviates the stress that overburdened parents can carry and gives them precious time to spend with their loved ones:

Double gives you the time back in your day, so you don’t have to do it all. Delegating can really take the pressure off, especially for parents. They say it takes a village, and Double can be that village.

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