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Double assistants help remote teams focus on what matters.

Assistants you can trust

Double's part-time assistants are highly skilled, located in your area, and vetted by our team. When we interview each applicant, we look for top scores across four key skill categories.

  • Organization and efficiency

  • Communication and proactiveness

  • Trust and relationship building

  • Productivity and technology

Work with a remote executive assistant you can trust

Support across departments

With experience supporting leaders in different roles and companies, Double assistants adapt quickly to your team needs. Doubles can help with everything from expense reporting to project management.

  • Weekly briefings

  • Meeting scheduling

  • CRM or contact management

  • Research and data-entry

The Double app enables you to communicate with your double

Flexible scheduling

Designed to provide flexibility, Double lets you choose the amount of help you need. Based on your team size and the tasks they need support with, we’ll create a custom plan for your company.

Support with Double starts at just 5 hours per month

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