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Whether you're looking for help with work tasks or personal to-dos, Double assistants have the skills and expertise to tackle any challenge. See below for a small sample of tasks Double can support.

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Everyday workflow tasks


  • Handle all scheduling requests

  • Coordinate internal and external scheduling

  • Organize one-time and recurring events

  • Manage cancellations and rescheduling


  • Triage and categorize inbox

  • Draft and send message replies

  • Send reminders for important message replies

  • Unsubscribe and clean up unwanted messages


  • Prepare pre-meeting context and agenda

  • Capture meeting minutes

  • Send follow up notes to attendees

  • Follow up on meeting action items


  • Send morning briefings to prep for your day

  • Prepare weekly reports on where you spent time

  • Draft weekly or daily priority reviews

  • Set up recurring focus time


  • Create travel itineraries

  • Book all travel and accommodations

  • Suggest local attractions

  • Make restaurant reservations


  • General project management

  • Save and organize documents

  • Track and pay invoices

  • Manage expense tracking

Event planning

  • Plan company or customer events

  • Coordinate on-site vendors

  • Prepare event itineraries

  • Send invitations and track attendees


  • Create topic overviews

  • Find potential partners or products

  • Prep contact bios and background details

  • Locate contact info for new connections

Team management tasks


  • Find and outreach to candidates

  • Reply to inbound messages

  • Screen applicants

  • Coordinate interview scheduling

Office management

  • Order office supplies

  • Source office service providers

  • Run monthly payroll

  • Manage basic bookkeeping

Contact management

  • Manage work or personal CRM

  • Reply to LinkedIn invites and messages

  • Send reminders to follow up or meet with people

  • Add contacts on LinkedIn after meetings

Team engagement

  • Organize team meetings and events

  • Help onboard new employees

  • Send team recognition gifts

  • Facilitate team feedback surveys

Personal tasks

Life admin

  • Schedule personal appointments

  • Resolve issues with service providers

  • Order weekly groceries

  • Make online purchases

Personal travel

  • Book family or group travel

  • Vacation destination suggestions

  • Submit passport and visa applications

  • Arrange entertainment and attractions

Events and holidays

  • Send gifts for birthdays and anniversaries

  • Organize holiday event plans

  • Mail virtual or physical invitations

  • Book catering and entertainment


  • Manage personal contact list

  • Triage personal email inbox

  • Organize digital photos and files

  • Order home organization products

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