Double assistants for busy CFOs

Finance leaders use Double to keep their organizations on track. From managing invoicing and payroll processes to organizing budget meetings, a Double assistant is your strategic partner.

Double for CFOs

Finance tasks to delegate

Double assistants are equipped to support many of the common finance tasks that take up valuable time in your day.


  • Gathering data from teams

  • Creating MBR templates

  • Sending reports to stakeholders

  • Follow up on MBR action items


  • Tracking monthly invoices due

  • Sending out invoices to customers

  • Standardizing invoice templates

  • Following up with overdue invoices


  • Research payroll software solutions

  • Collect employee tax and payroll forms

  • Log employee timesheets

  • Run monthly payroll


  • Schedule monthly budget reviews

  • Gather budget input from teams

  • Submit expense records

  • Communicate budget updates to team


  • Handle all scheduling requests

  • Coordinate internal and external scheduling

  • Organize one-time and recurring events

  • Manage cancellations and rescheduling


  • Triage and categorize inbox

  • Draft and send message replies

  • Send reminders for important message replies

  • Unsubscribe and clean up unwanted messages


  • Prepare pre-meeting context and agenda

  • Capture meeting minutes

  • Send follow up notes to attendees

  • Follow up on meeting action items


  • Send morning briefings to prep for your day

  • Prepare weekly reports on where you spent time

  • Draft weekly or daily priority reviews

  • Set up recurring focus time

“Having someone who can jump on things when I’m running behind, sick, or absent, is priceless. My Double enables me to do more because there’s so much behind the scenes I don’t have to get involved with—she’s my superpower.”

Meghna Mann

COO at Mati

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