February 4, 2021

Celebrating Black History Month

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

At Double, one of our company values is Humans First. Being Human First means building the best possible environment for our team, our clients, and our doubles. We aim to live our brand values all year long, but we’re putting a special focus on our Human First approach during Black History Month.

Throughout February, we are taking time to celebrate the many contributions people of color have made to our communities and our country. We are also taking time this month to reflect on how our day-to-day practices support the black community and reflect the Human First value we aspire to.

Below are the initiatives we’ve designed to help contribute to our goal of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives at Double

Fair compensation policy

We believe in fair pay. Our compensation policy is transparent to all employees and applies across all roles and functions within Double. Compensation is tied to a predetermined role level and takes into account years of experience. This open system is designed to exclude preferential treatment or bias based on gender, ethnicity, age, sexual preference, or any other implicit bias.

Promoting remote-first culture

We believe in fair access to jobs. A remote work culture is a key to matching talented and highly-skilled doubles with executives. By removing the barrier of physical location, we provide career opportunities to more candidates who otherwise may not have the means or desire to work in cities.

Prioritizing experience over degree requirements

We believe in skills over schools. That’s why we’ve removed degree requirements from our hiring process. We want to provide opportunities for skilled individuals who may have non-traditional education backgrounds. By prioritizing experience over degrees, we hope to bring opportunities to underserved communities.

Charitable contributions

We believe in giving back. We prioritize donating to causes that mirror our values. The Double Cares Initiative matches charitable donations from our internal team and the double community to organizations that further the work toward equality and inclusion.

Ongoing engagement

We believe in continued dialogue. Every month we seek out conversations and share resources across the company that promote diversity and inclusion.This effort educates our team on DEI topics and highlights BIPOC and LGBTQ+ businesses our team can support professionally and personally.

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