October 6, 2022

Double Spotlight: Maegan Raisch, Regional Team Lead

Regional Team Lead-Maegan

It feels like just yesterday when we were celebrating Maegan’s first year #WithDouble and just like that, she has hit another HUGE milestone - 3 YEARS WITH DOUBLE!

Those of us who work regularly with Maegan can honestly say that she cares so incredibly much about her team and her peers - and it makes a huge difference!

Maegan is always one to check on you, lend a listening ear, and volunteer to help. She loves Double with all her heart and it shows. We recently sat down with her and asked her to share with us her journey with Double and how it has evolved. Feel free to read on below!

  • Can you please introduce yourself in a few words (name, job title, tenure at Double)?

I am Maegan Raisch and I have been #WithDouble for 3 years. I first joined the company as an Executive Assistant, moved over to the HQ team as the first Onboarding Specialist, and then moved into my current role, Regional Team Lead!

  • Can you explain your job and describe your responsibilities that motivate you daily at Double?

I currently oversee over 50 EA’s on my team [Go Team Meg!] My main job (and by far the best aspect of my role) is to make sure that my EA’s feel supported, heard, and cared for. I am involved in our EA’s entire journey at Double, from hiring and onboarding, to matching them with executives, and ensuring that they are happy day-to-day. Outside of this, my fellow Regional Team Leads and I collaborate on ways to bring even more fun and educational experiences to our teams and the community as a whole. I like to say we are the fun bosses!

  • How has your role with Double evolved over time?

I was the original Team Lead, so my role really evolved because of the company growing and us adding more EA’s over time. We grew to 150 EA’s (across the US and France) in 2021, so that was when my role needed to change into a regionally based one and we needed more Team Leads. We now have 5 Team Leads across all US time zones and France. Because of this expansion, we have more time to dedicate toward expanding our current community programs and projects focused on our EA’s.

  • What is your favorite thing about your day-to-day?

It brings me a lot of joy to help others solve really complex problems or situations. I love that I get to be a listening ear, coach, and mentor to my EA’s and my team. This involves a lot of cross-team collaboration where we are all solving the problems together. And when we put our heads together, we are a powerhouse!

Maegan, congratulations on this wonderful journey and thank you for the many ways you make us better!

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