January 23, 2024

Ask Mingo: The AI Companion Every Assistant Needs

Ask Mingo

The future of AI and humans in the workplace is growing increasingly collaborative. That’s why Double introduced Mingo late last year, the AI-powered delegation companion for busy executives.

Now, we’re expanding Mingo’s capabilities to support executive assistants. Assistants (aka Doubles) will now get private access to Mingo to execute tasks more efficiently. Mingo integrates AI into assistants’ daily workflows to increase productivity and deliver exceptional value to executives.

The Benefits of Ask Mingo

Assistants can leverage their Ask Mingo to simplify their daily work. Here’s how Mingo lightens the load for busy Doubles:

Elevated Personalization: Mingo provides valuable suggestions to Doubles to complement their existing knowledge for cohesive task execution.

Delightful Productivity: Mingo breaks down creative roadblocks, offers AI-consulted tips & suggestions, and delivers personalized assistance for completing tasks.

Streamlined Focus: By optimizing task initiation and refinement of deliverables, Mingo enables Doubles to focus on core outcomes, reducing overwhelm and boosting effectiveness.

Simply put, Mingo helps Doubles by shouldering critical parts of their workflow and offering recommendations for optimal execution. Doubles can instruct Mingo to generate research, draft content, and provide guidance and suggestions.

How It Works

When your assistant logs into Double, they’ll get their own private space to interact with Mingo. Once they begin work on a task and open Ask Mingo, it will:

  1. Suggest a Help Path: Immediately when opening Ask Mingo, it will share three ways it can help your assistant based on the selected task.

  2. Gather Context: After selecting the type of help they need, Mingo will ask your assistant a set of follow-up questions to give a more precise answer.

  3. Provide Recommendations: Mingo will then provide an answer based on the given criteria and information. This answer can be a draft of a message, research results, or advice. Doubles can continue to respond to Ask Mingo to refine answers further.

What Mingo Can Do For Doubles

Mingo is an expert companion for Doubles, skilled in researching services, travel planning, building workflows, and writing. An assistant can leverage Mingo for a variety of tasks, including:

Writing and Drafting: EAs can send Mingo a prompt to draft emails, summaries, proposals, or other types of content.

Example Prompt - Drafting an Email:

Hey Mingo, draft a courteous and professional email to an employee who has been observed removing lunches from the fridge without permission.

Research: Mingo will do the heavy lifting to assist with research and consolidate findings in a digestible format.

Example Prompt - Specific Research:

Hey Mingo, Find restaurant options in San Francisco with entrees under $40 with a private room for ten people and includes vegetarian options.

Break Down Complex Tasks: Mingo will provide helpful advice and suggestions to help your assistant deliver on time-consuming or complicated projects.

Example Prompt - Help With an Involved Task:

Hey Mingo, how do I grow my client’s social media following? I don’t even know where to start!

Learn New Tips and Tricks: Mingo can be a great teacher and collaborator. EAs can ask for direction, guidance, tips, and tricks to grow their expertise.

Example Prompt - Discover Something New

Hey Mingo, I'm an assistant who does mostly scheduling; how can I most productively manage my time?

Travel Planning: Assistants can lean on Mingo to help build travel arrangements and create itineraries for business and personal trips.

Example Prompt - Create a Suggested Travel Itinerary

Hey Mingo, create a three-day itinerary for a weekend getaway to Palm Springs, California, that involves golf and a spa visit.

AI to Empower Assistants Today and Tomorrow

At Double, we believe the best work happens at the intersection of tech and humans. By combining the expertise of seasoned assistants with the speed and efficiency of AI, we’ve elevated the quality of service for executives.

Ask Mingo empowers experienced EAs to optimize their time and focus their talent where it makes the most impact for clients. As the future of AI continues to develop, Double is committed to exploring new ways it can help assistants and executives thrive. We can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon.

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