September 13, 2023

Human Expertise + AI: The Next Wave of Productivity

AI enabled assistant

In the ever-evolving world of productivity, the growing importance of Artificial Intelligence is undeniable. More and more AI assistant services are launching, promising to fully automate the work of human support. It brings speed and automation to the forefront, yet it raises a fundamental question: Can AI really replace the human touch of an executive assistant? At Double, we firmly advocate for a harmonious coexistence — a partnership between AI and seasoned human assistants that combines the best of both and unlocks a new era of productivity.

Our Vision: A Balanced Future for AI

We don’t believe that AI is on the verge of completely replacing human support anytime soon. While AI excels in specific domains, it grapples with the nuances, context, and the art of complex understanding that executives like you expect. Quality is paramount, and it is the highly experienced and trained executive assistants who bring that to the table. We foresee a future where AI empowers assistants, making them even more effective and efficient.

Mingo: Your Assistant's AI Ally

We’re excited to introduce Mingo, an AI companion meticulously crafted not to supplant but to complement executive assistants. Mingo is the force that streamlines tasks, amplifies the partnership between assistants and executives, and brings the power of AI efficiency to the forefront.

Introducing Mingo

Let's delve into a real-world scenario that paints a vivid picture of Mingo's impact:

Envision an executive tasked with planning a crucial offsite meeting for their team. Traditionally, this responsibility involved multiple back-and-forths with their assistant to gather crucial details. Mingo updates this process: The moment the task is created, Mingo AI swoops in, collecting vital data points upfront, ensuring no essential details are missed. Mingo then summarizes the task, arming the assistant with suggestions and reminders about best practices to increase speed and efficiency. The result? Eliminated delays and a more streamlined, error-free execution process.

The Future: AI's Expanding Role

Mingo is just the beginning for the team at Double. We are strong believers in all the opportunities that AI brings to our space and excited to share new advancements with our clients and Doubles in the coming months.

We're committed to developing a suite of tools and training resources for our executive assistants, equipping them to excel across a multitude of tasks. This involves harnessing the capabilities of third-party AI tools and constructing a resource toolbox that empowers our assistants further. As AI continues to evolve, it also means new possibilities for even greater productivity enhancements in our apps.

Our approach is both practical and balanced — AI and humans, in symbiotic collaboration. AI contributes efficiency, while humans bring depth and context. With Mingo and our vision for AI, Double is steadfast in its commitment to creating a more balanced, efficient, and effective world of work. Stay tuned for more AI capabilities that are set to redefine productivity, one task at a time.

Learn more about Double's AI vision and Mingo.

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