June 26, 2023

Introducing Double for Teams: Empowering Business Leaders for Collective Success

Double for teams in the Double App

Busy executives, across growth-minded startups like ours (and beyond), are navigating an ever-changing landscape.

You're not only managing your own workload but also leading your team, all while trying to maintain productivity amidst a shifting work culture. Important but time-consuming operational tasks like email communications, calendar management, and accounting and HR functions are piling up, and time for deep, strategic work—or even rest—seems to be a luxury.

You're not alone in this struggle. Many of your peers face similar challenges. The demands of your role and the pace of your organization are escalating, resources are more scarce, and many traditional ways of working are no longer sufficient. Finally, you know that burnout is no good for anyone, but tasks are nonetheless piling up across your team.

At the same time, the need for effective collaboration across busy executives is more critical than ever. But with each executive juggling their own set of responsibilities, achieving smooth and efficient collaboration can be a complex balancing act.

Maybe you or a colleague have already seen some individual relief in these terms, thanks to your work with one of our amazing Double executive assistants. Yet even many our happiest clients have begun to see that more is needed to solve for these wider challenges to team performance.

Whatever the scenario, our new Double for Teams offering might be a fit for you and your colleagues.

Why Double for Teams?

Our vision for Double for Teams emerged from a stark observation:

A recent Deloitte survey found that three out of four executives believe their workload hinders their growth. More than ever, leaders are being asked to do more with less, and it's not just CEOs feeling the strain.

Even as full-time executive assistants become increasingly rare at organizations, entire leadership teams appear to be grappling with the sort of productivity challenges that led to our creating Double in the first place:

  • 😓 Long hours that spill over into personal time
  • 🔻 Stagnating productivity due to overwhelming task lists
  • ⌛ Limited time for deep, strategic work (due to administrative tasks)

These challenges aren’t just about overwork and burnout. When they inevitably collide with one another and then begin to compound on top of that, team efficacy and overall performance often suffer, impacting an organization's ability to innovate and compete.

Teams overwhelmed by daily operational tasks often struggle to prioritize strategic or high-leverage work. With budgets tightening in many companies but goals continuing to grow in scope and urgency, there’s a clear need among many teams for flexible support that can ease the load and smoothe collaboration for everyone.

That’s why we built Double for Teams.

The Power of Delegation

With Double for Teams, we enable your teams to delegate anywhere from 30 to over 300 hours per month.

The advantage here isn't merely about offloading tasks beyond your personal needs. It’s about empowering whole teams to focus on the work that matters most, while ensuring that the day-to-day still gets done to your high standards.

For anyone unfamiliar with our services, Double EAs handle traditional tasks like:

  • 📩 Email communications
  • 📅 Scheduling
  • 📊 Accounting
  • 🏠 Personal task management

As well as other tasks less commonly performed by EAs (but no problem for Doubles):

  • 📝 Ghostwriting
  • 👥 HR Functions
  • 💪 Personal self-care accountability
  • 🏠 Property management

And, finally, tasks that are more team-specific:

  • 📈 Strategic planning
  • 🤝 Client relationship management
  • 📊 Project management
  • 📝 Content creation & editing
  • 🌐 Social media management
  • 🎟️ Event planning and management

Here’s the full list. But check back soon. It’s always growing!

This extensive support system has resulted in leaders from brands like Persky and Klara experiencing shorter overall work hours, higher productivity, and more time for meaningful work.

In our beta group for Double for Teams, clients have also seen mental health benefits rippling out from their work with their Doubles, resulting in healthier collaborative environments and happier colleagues.

Built Around You

Just as no two teams in an organization are quite the same, we understand that specific needs may differ across our client roster. That's why we've designed Double for Teams to be flexible, and configurable to your unique requirements for an EA.

Team leads can:

  • 🎯 Set how many hours Doubles can spend on each executive
  • 🕒 Set how many hours Doubles can work on team-wide tasks
  • ⚖️ Decide if Doubles can be made available for personal tasks as well as professional

And, as a reminder, we don't just assign any assistant to a team. Our Top 1% Double EAs are all thoroughly vetted, assigned by time-zone, and hand-matched to your team's needs. This thorough and personalized approach helps us ensure a more efficient contribution to your organization from our Doubles.

Speaking of efficiency…

Boosting Collaboration with Shared Tasks

As part of our continuing efforts to make team collaboration more efficient, we’ve introduced a new shared tasks feature in the Double app. This feature is a direct response to today’s work environment—one that's distributed, remote, and needs high levels of coordination.

Shared Tasks at Double

With shared tasks, you can delegate work to your Double(s) and team members, streamlining workflows and further enhancing productivity. Shared tasks keep everyone updated on progress directly in-app, eliminating the need for parallel conversations or separate communication channels.

And don't worry, personal tasks are still private and separate from shared tasks. Leaders can continue to delegate individual tasks to their dedicated Double as always, ensuring confidentiality and seamless execution.

Stepping (in Tandem) Towards a New Era

As we all continue to navigate the evolving landscape of work, it's become clear to us at Double that 'hustle culture' needs to be reassessed. We believe in a future where high-quality support is a standard, not a privilege, and where overwork is replaced with balanced productivity that’s a win-win for everyone.

With Double for Teams, our hope is that organizations can breathe new life into the leaders, in terms of their improved overall well-being as much as measurable improvements to bottom-line results.

We’re not trying to make work easier, we’re trying to make it better.

Schedule a call with us to discuss how Double can help your team do more.

Let’s step into a new era of work – together.

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