November 10, 2020

Delegate Tasks from Slack

Introducing Double’s new Slack integration

At Double, we believe that reducing the friction to delegate is key to saving time and becoming more productive. To make the act of delegating work effortless, our team is focused on building tools and integrations that exist where you work. Just as if you had an assistant sitting next to you (in a non-remote world), we want Double to be just a tap away from where your work actually lives.

After the inbox and calendar, the tool executives in our community use most is Slack. So much critical context is shared in our chats—especially with more of us working remotely. To support you where you work, we are excited to introduce Double for Slack.

How it works

The Double Slack app enables our clients to create tasks directly from Slack in seconds. Using the /double command, executives can add tasks to their assistant’s to-do list as needs arise without having to leave Slack.


An existing message can also be turned into a task by clicking on the message and selecting Double from the message menu. This enables you to share all the details and context from that message immediately with your assistant. No more retyping, paraphrasing, or screenshotting.


The command works from any channel, including direct messages.

After you submit a task, it will be created in your assistant’s Double app and they will be notified. Just like any other task on their to-do list, they can add a status, reminder, or deadline.

To start using Double’s Slack app, enable it in your Double app on the settings page.

Prioritizing speed

Communicating quickly is critical to effective delegation. All too often people will opt to do tasks themselves because they perceive it will be faster. Working in the productivity space, we also know that context switching is costly when it comes to focus and effectiveness. By delegating work within the apps and tools you already use, you’re better able to stay on task.

Our Chief Product Officer, Christophe Lamperti, imagines a future “where you can delegate part of your to-do list every morning to someone you trust through the push of a button.

We are continuing to expand our Slack integration so you can access more information from your Double assistant in the app. In addition, we’re working on expanding the capabilities of our Chrome extension so that you can delegate directly from the websites we frequent most, such as Amazon, Instacart, and Airbnb. This way if you start browsing but don’t have time to finish shopping or book a service, your double can take over. These tools will help executives hand off more work to their assistants so they can save more time.

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