October 26, 2021

Raising $8.5M with Daphni to help executives focus their time


Today, we're announcing a $8.5M Series A round at Double, led by Willy Braun at Daphni and with the participation of Index, Eurazeo, Teamworthy, FJ Labs, Le Fonds, and Forefront. I am also humbled and honored to have more than 20 Double clients join our journey, with angel investors and syndicates representing almost 10% of the round.

Rather than a goal in itself, fundraising has always been an opportunity for me to reiterate why Double exists in the first place. After spending years building productivity apps at Apple, Microsoft, Sunrise, and Front, my co-founder Christophe and I grew frustrated that we weren't really helping people spend their time on the things they had the most value doing.

Even with the best tools, CEOs on average spend 24% of their time on emails, with additional admin tasks like scheduling and team coordination eating up even more valuable time each week. Time they could be spending growing and building their teams, working on high-level strategy, building their network, or simply enjoying much-needed time with friends and family.

That realization led us to start Double in 2018. We wanted to help people focus their time and energy on the things they had the most value doing, and set out to build a flexible, accessible, and efficient support system. By matching executives and their teams with part-time, experienced assistants and empowering them with tools to work better together, we are building towards the vision we laid out at our launch:

  • Humans first. We believe that great delegation stems from strong relationships. We're assembling the best community of executive assistants in the US and France with a wide range of experiences to support growing companies. AI can't get it right all the time, but humans and great software can.
  • Tools to boost delegation. Most people aren’t taught how to delegate, so we're building tools to empower executives to seamlessly share tasks and preferences and learn how to apply delegation best practices. Our tools also help assistants stay on track and operate more efficiently on a daily basis.
  • Accessible for you and your team. While Double started as a service and product for CEOs, we are now extending support to all teams. Getting time back to spend on the things that matter is crucial for you and the company you work for, whether that's just a couple of hours per month or 15h per week.

Our Series A funding will help us pursue this vision and accelerate progress toward our mission to reinvent how people spend their time. We will be spending this new capital on expanding our growth engine to reach and attract more customers, empowering even more people to get hours back in their day-to-day. We will also be investing in product innovations to match and support clients at scale, while making Double assistants even more productive. Finally, we will keep focusing on hiring amazing people to support our growth, providing them with the best environment to achieve their potential. (If that sounds interesting to you, we're hiring!)

More than just dollars in the bank, I see this fundraising milestone as a means to continue building toward our vision. Here's what we're celebrating today with the team at Double:

  • We've increased our revenue 4x since last October, helping clients save more than 50,000 hours in the last year.
  • We now support 400+ customers, with 30% of our customers bringing their whole executive team onboard.
  • We've built out a strong community of 130+ experienced and dedicated executives assistants in the United States and France, and growing.
  • Our average CSAT score is above 4.8/5 week over week.

And most importantly, the opportunity to keep getting better and stronger in the coming years with additional resources to pursue our mission.

For helping that opportunity become reality, I want to express all my gratitude to:

  • Willy Braun, for being here since the beginning. Your trust and thoughtfulness mean the world to us.
  • Nina Achadjian and all our new investors participating in this round, we're so glad to have you onboard for the next step of our journey.
  • Our clients, who push us to be better every day. Thanks for the ongoing feedback and support.
  • Special mention to our clients who participated in the round and who follow our adventure closely. Thank you Olivier, Pierre, Marie, and Walter for always being a text away.
  • Christophe and Quentin for always being there and to the rest of the team for bearing with us during the fundraising process, and for pushing hard to make magic happen every single day.
  • Our amazing community of Doubles who are a constant source of good vibes, kindness, and experience.
  • And to friends and family who supported me and the team during the fundraising process. You know who you are.

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