November 4, 2022

Spirit week @ Double

Spirit Week

Double Team Spirit Week was an opportunity for our team to continue to collaborate with one another and learn more about each other through a series of events. The goal was to provide fun and engagement while also giving teams a chance to work together to foster a stronger team culture especially with teammates they may not see day-to-day. At Double, we work hard so it’s nice to have a break every now and then and focus on the people who are doing all the great things!

All HQ employees were placed into teams divided into colors pink, orange, green, purple, black and blue. Each team competed in a mix of both individual and team activities throughout the week to earn points. The team with the highest score at the end of the week received a special team lunch and bragging rights for the year ahead.

A glimpse into spirit week @ Double:

  • Day 1: We kicked off spirit week with some team pride, with members earning points by submitting a photo wearing their team color- bonus points were given for extra items with the team color. The Green team had appearances by many plants, Kermit the frog and coffee mugs. A member of the Pink Team risked life and limb to capture herself with a beautiful pink light shade, and a few of our four legged fury friends partaking in all the fun too.

  • Day 2: We got a chance to see our team’s creative side with #WackyWednesday. The creativity of the Double team never fails to amaze and the opportunity to connect with different team members was brought us all fresh energy.

  • Day 3: Trivia challenged the team to make their best guesses at some very tough questions. It was a close call with a 3-way tie at the end of the day!

  • Day 4: Bingo had a bit of a twist: instead of numbers, our bingo cards were filled with common Double company words. The caller shared clues and we had to match it to the Double words on our Bingo cards. Team members new and old stepped up the challenge but the Pink Team managed to pull ahead with the most points.

  • Day 5: To close out spirit week we all shared a favorite memory or something we loved/enjoyed from this fun filled event.

Some of the team’s favorite memories:

Team comments for spirit week It can be a challenge to create a strong team culture and engage with your colleagues working remotely but this week, we laughed and enjoyed our time making memories that are sure to last; spirit week was absolutely amazing and we look forward to the next. Props to Pink Productivity Powerhouses for securing the win! and many thanks to the Sunshine Committee for all their hard work putting these events and activities together for our team.

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