April 26, 2023

Happy Admin Day at Double!

All Doubles!

2 years ago, Double celebrated Admin Professional’s Day with 70 executive assistants. Today, we are recognizing the unconditional dedication and hard work of our 185+ Doubles within our community. 🙀🚀

Our independent strategic partners keep on lightening up our executives’ workload and making Double shine through their engagement and success!

Thank you to all of our assistants for accompanying our executives, for their endless resilience and adaptability, and for shaping the Double Community to what it has become today: a strong, careful, and professional group of human beings. 💜

Today we are also spotlighting a few Doubles who shared their favorite tasks they get to do at Double.

Happy Admin Professional’s Day 2023! 🎉

What is your favorite task/activity you get to do at Double?


Double since: May 2021 ; Based in: La Ciotat, France

My favorite task I got to do was organize an offsite from A to Z (transportation, accommodation, team building activities, getting goodies...) and organize a one night event. I was so thrilled when my exec reached out to say the team loved the place, the restaurants I picked and the team building activity I suggested.


Double since: April 2022 ; Based in: Montpellier, France

What I particularly appreciate working as a Double is the great variety of tasks I accomplish daily. By supporting different business leaders, I have a wide range of stimulating missions and projects. I am never bored because each day brings its share of challenges and new experiences. Personally, I don't have any preferred tasks, what’s important for me is to simplify the lives of my managers and to help them when they need it.

Manon: Double since: October 2021 ; Based in: Eterville, France

I really enjoy the fact that every single day is different, but if I had to choose, I would definitely say anything event-related. I like researching venues, activities, food, etc. There is a lovely mix of exceeding expectations and sprinkling a bit of creativity to cater to my clients as well as showing them what's outside their comfort zone!

Devin: Double since: March 2022 ; Based in: Los Angeles, CA

My favorite task that I get to do at Double is managing the schedule for the teams I support. Calendar management helps me develop a strong understanding of the executive’s priorities and preferences and includes lots of communication with a variety of stakeholders. I love interacting and building relationships with different team members and external clients across a wide range of industries. I also get to exercise my organizational skills and attention to detail whenever dealing with their complex calendars.

Alec: Double since: November 2021 ; Based in: Santa Monica, CA

Working with a company that serves clients across a variety of industries has been a wonderful experience. As someone who has primarily worked in one field, it's been exciting to collaborate with clients from diverse industries and learn about their unique challenges and opportunities. I appreciate the chance to expand my horizons and gain experience in new fields.

Alyssa: Double since: April 2022 ; Based in: Mancelona, MI

I love ghostwriting LinkedIn posts, emails, letters of recommendation, and personal cards for gifts. I'm good at ghost writing and can mimic my one executive to a "T”!

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