June 9, 2022

Double's 2022 Offsite! 🦩


What is an offsite?

When a company goes on an “offsite” it means they stop working at the office (or remotely in our case) and they go somewhere else to work and build relationships. The offsite is usually accompanied by fun events to get to know each other and build stronger bonds with colleagues.

Some offsites are long and some are short but in essence it is meant to have fun and strengthen relationships with everyone, especially those outside of immediate teams.

Why an offsite for Double?

At Double, since our team is spread across 9 time zones while our office is in NYC, our offsites are a little more special since it often means we get to meet our colleagues for the first time in person after many months of collaboration.

Double’s offsite was an opportunity for our team to meet and bond in a space where everyone felt comfortable bringing their whole selves. Within our working and team building sessions, we focused on getting to know each other better and building stronger bonds that will foster greater collaboration and support as we continue to work remotely.

Another objective of our offsite was to align on one clear vision and re-define Doubles values as our team has expanded over the past 4 years. We had the opportunity to share both the why and how behind the work we do on a daily basis. We also fostered mutual understanding between teams and functions by offering opportunities that showcased how other teams work, what their main projects are currently, and new ways and ideas of thinking creatively together.

Snapshot into Double’s 2022 Offsite!

This year, the offsite took place from May 9th to May 13th, 2022 - We rented two beautiful houses in the Hudson Valley (Catskill, NY), that are on the same property, just a short walk apart.

There was a river, a pool, a pool table, and lots of rooms to do smaller meetings, take calls, and get to know one another. We also had a few musical instruments around and were happy to find that some of our colleagues are very talented! Group pics

Here’s what some of our team had to say about their favorite moments of the offsite:

Group Facts 1

Special thanks to: Alice, Aly, Beth, Amber, Christophe, Monica, Allie, Dawna, and Maegan for making it happen!🍦🍨

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