July 2, 2020

How Double Helps Executives Be More Productive

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With limited bandwidth, executives need to be able to delegate quickly and easily. While apps like Asana and Trello are effective tools for collaborating with your team, they can be time-consuming to manage and it can be difficult to keep track of delegated tasks. These tools also rely on you to do the heavy lifting of adding tasks and projects. They lack a key productivity feature: someone who can anticipate your needs and help you stay on track.

At Double, we believe that pairing lightweight tech with an experienced human assistant is the most effective way to help you save time and stay focused on what matters most. We leveraged productivity insights from hundreds of CEOs and executives to develop our mobile app, web app, and Chrome extension. They offer a secure space to easily hand off tasks and track progress through five main features:

1. Seamless onboarding

We designed our app to eliminate the initial back-and-forth of onboarding and working with an assistant. Answer a few simple questions when you create your account to set up app sharing and communicate your preferences, so you can start saving time with your assistant right away.

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2. Frictionless delegation

We recognize that writing an email or explaining a project can be time consuming. Our voice feature allows you to provide context quickly or hand off a task in a single tap. Is your task urgent? Tap again to let your assistant know when you need it done.

The app also integrates with tools you're already using. Since many tasks start from your inbox, our Chrome extension allows you to delegate directly from your email and easily give your double the context they need. More integrations, like Slack, are coming soon.


3. Community learning

We created a library of tasks based on the projects and work that our CEOs and executives delegate most often. Save time handing off recurring tasks, and learn best practices and methods when it comes to productivity and delegation.

Flow feature

4. Speedy status updates

We believe getting project updates should be fast, fluid, and fun. Our catch-up mode feature breezes you through the latest tasks completed, along with any notes from your assistant.

Want to know more about a project? Use our smart chat feature to get quick answers and respond to your double in a distraction-free space.


5. Assistant tools

Your double is also equipped with a powerful app that enables them to work more productively and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Their tasks are organized in a streamlined to-do list so they can quickly see what needs to be done and when. The app sends them reminders so they know when to update tasks to keep projects moving forward and on schedule. Our Insights feature also helps them easily manage your calendar and anticipate problems before they happen—from scheduling conflicts to missing information.

To learn more about our software and working with a Double assistant, sign up for a free 15-minute consultation with a member of our team.

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