April 9, 2020

Meet Double

Meet Double

Hello, world! Today, I'm excited to announce that Double is officially opening its doors. For those who haven’t heard of us yet, our founding team built the calendar app Sunrise (acquired by Microsoft in 2015) and went on to build Outlook Mobile. Two years ago, we started Double — a modern assistant service for busy executives that combines assistants based in your country with great tech.

Productivity today is often measured by doing more—more meetings, more emails, more items on your to-do list. Yet despite the longer workday, studies show 30% of executives’ time is still eaten up by basic tasks that could be easily delegated.

No matter how fast and efficient our apps become, we still need to check our email, handle our scheduling, and log our expenses. Overwhelmed by tasks, few of us actually get the time to do the work we're best at.

Double is a new way to achieve more by doing less. In the last two years, we have been building a new vision for delegation in the modern workplace, by working closely with over 100 CEOs and executives in our private beta. We’re proud to have the support of forward-thinking investors at Index Ventures and Daphni as well as an amazing team of angel investors, with whom we’ve collectively raised $6M.


With their support, we've set out to rethink how executives and their teams spend time and focus on what matters most. Here's how.

  • Humans first. AI can't get it right all the time, but humans and great software can. We match you with a dedicated assistant (your “double”) who can learn who you are, how to anticipate your needs and keep you on track. Our experienced doubles are based in your country, and have supported Fortune 500 CEOs, tech founders, and large teams.  
  • Powerful tech to collaborate. Our app makes it easy for executives to delegate any task. No matter where you are, your double is one tap away. We empower our doubles to be more efficient and proactive based on your personal preferences and habits.
  • Frictionless onboarding. Whether you need two or 20 hours a week, our personalized onboarding makes it easy for you to hit the ground running. Calendar, passwords, and preferences are shared simply and securely, and we train your double so you don’t have to.
  • Machine Community learning. Through thousands of interactions, our doubles have learned what their executives need most and how to streamline. They share these best practices with our Double ecosystem, we build them into our product and everyone benefits.

Truth be told, we imagined this announcement would come in a different way, preferably with an in-person team event—full of babka and champagne—celebrating our achievements of the past two years. Instead, we find ourselves at home, and yet feeling thankful that we’re still able to support our existing clients and doubles in this unprecedented time.

Team picture from New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Sheboygan, Oklahoma City and Rome.

Team picture from New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Sheboygan, Oklahoma City and Rome.

From helping our clients get a better remote setup, rescheduling trips, or researching activities for their kids, our doubles have gone above and beyond the past few weeks to meet the changing needs. New clients see us as a flexible delegation solution that helps them avoid having to make a full-time hire in these uncertain times.

So today, we open our doors to the new generation of CEOs and executives that don’t just want to do more, but want to do better. We’re here to help you focus on what you do best, while we handle the rest. Meet Double.

Want to learn more? Come say hi on our website and sign up for a free introduction call to learn how a double can help you.

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