December 8, 2021

New: Executive profiles in the Double app


The magic moment of having an executive assistant often comes when your EA can complete a task exactly the way you wanted, with little or no input required. Many executives work with their assistants for years to build this kind of strong relationship. At Double we’re finding ways to build and enable this collaboration from the very start.

We’re excited to launch an all-new Profile in the Double app that makes it easy for Doubles to capture your preferences, so assistants can deliver magical moments at scale.

Why we updated the Profile

Today, assistants capture your preferences organically throughout the course of many interactions. These critical details that make personalized support possible tend to be stored in various documents, Slack conversations, or email chains. Without a centralized place to catalog important details, it was easy to forget exactly which loyalty program an executive belonged to, or when a work anniversary was coming up.

The all new executive profile in the Double app solves this problem by creating a place to manage executive preferences, ranging from basic contact details to a favorite restaurant takeout order. For assistants, this means it’s easier than ever to stay on top of critical details needed to complete tasks for executives.

And Double customers will benefit from assistants who can support all of your requests with confidence, knowing precisely what you are expecting from the end result.

As your business needs evolve, you may transition to a different assistant better suited to support new projects, or add additional assistants to support your growing team. Double assistants are trained to document your preferences and workflows in the new Profile, so that any new assistant can get up to speed seamlessly. For Double customers, this also means that your assistant is building an ongoing, living dossier of delegation preferences that you can easily transfer into any future EA relationship.

How your Profile works

The new Profile starts with structured areas to store essential information as well as work, personal, and travel preferences. These details represent the most common pieces of information required for assistants to complete tasks in their day-to-day work, like contacting key work colleagues, or booking upcoming travel.

While the Profile will be used for basic preferences and details that need to be easily referenced, all sensitive and confidential information will be logged in a dedicated and encrypted password manager to ensure your security.

All new profile in the Double app

As an executive and assistant work together over time, the assistant will identify and capture additional preferences to reference in the future as requests come up. Assistants can add new details and attachments to the executive profile at any time, so it is always clear where this information lives.

Executives are able to log in and view their profile directly in the app, so they can view the preferences their assistant has logged, and add or change details as their needs evolve.

Flexible sections to capture data in the Profile

When there is a specific preference to capture that doesn’t fit into a standard section of the Profile, assistants can create a new section with the ability to document information about a specific project or initiative, such as an upcoming personal relocation or an annual planning cycle.

Create new section in the Profile

With the all-new Profile in the Double app, assistants have a complete source-of-truth to provide their executives with incredible support for daily tasks.

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