April 19, 2021

New: Goals, an all new way to delegate

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Delegation is at the heart of our mission at Double. After we pair an executive with the perfect assistant, our work is far from over. We’re building tools and designing resources to foster the executive-assistant relationship through best practices and easier delegation methods.

Today we’re excited to introduce an all new way to delegate: Goals. Goals provides a structured approach to delegating your most essential workflows, along with best practices and coaching to make delegation intuitive.

Why we created Goals

We know most executives waste too much time managing their inbox, wrangling complex schedules, chasing down documents, and following up with candidates. Executives have a desire to delegate and get these tasks off their plate, but aren’t sure exactly what to hand off, or how to get started. Goals is designed to bridge that gap and allow executives to delegate repeatable workflows, providing time and energy savings on a regular basis.

"With Goals, Double has made it easy to scale my time." - Sam Levan, CEO MadKudu

Goals makes it simple to identify where you want to save time or increase impact, and follow concrete steps to get started. In a matter of minutes, you can confidently and effectively delegate a workflow or process, allowing you to get back to focusing on your most important work.

How Goals works

Goals allows you to identify workflows to delegate, and quickly craft the requirements for your Double assistant to take over. To start using Goals, first identify the area where you spend the most time on a daily or weekly basis (but where you don’t provide unique value to the process). For many executives, this will be inbox management, scheduling, interview coordination, or team coordination. We recommend only tackling 1-2 goals at a time to ensure you can complete the delegation handoff before taking on additional goals. Goals menu

After you have committed to a Goal, follow the step-by-step tasks to define project requirements and preferences that your Double assistant can follow. We’ll always start by asking you about your objectives, so you and your assistant are on the same page about what you’re trying to accomplish. From there, Goal tasks will walk you through granting any necessary tool access and identifying exactly which opportunities or pain points your Double assistant can solve.

"Double's Goals cuts to the chase by clarifying my specific personal preferences upfront with an end objective in mind." - Sam Epstein, Venture Investor

Goal - Attract and Close Great Talent

As you make progress toward your Goal, your Double assistant will get real time updates so they can jump in right away. With each step you complete, your assistant will have additional context on the workflow at hand, so they can proactively suggest next steps. Context that used to take several conversations to discuss and document now takes only a few clicks to capture.

"My assistant jumped into our hiring process like an expert recruiter. We’re ahead of schedule on a key hire because of Goals" - Vlad Gyster, CEO & Cofounder Airbo

Recruiting - Modal 2

Delegating the most fundamental daily workflows used to be a long and manual process for people in leadership or executive roles. Goals provides a short-cut to realizing more value from an assistant by identifying high-value workflows and supporting you through the delegation process.

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