January 24, 2022

New: Task updates, straight to your inbox

Email Digest Full 04

For Double customers, we know communication is key. After you've delegated tasks to your assistant, you want consistent, simple updates that let you know where work stands and what's happening next. Today much of that communication lives in the Double App, where task and project statuses make it easy to see what's happening with your work in motion.

We're excited to introduce a new way to keep you and your Double aligned on weekly priorities and tasks. In one streamlined email delivered every Wednesday, you can see progress, unblock where needed, and get visibility on ongoing projects.

Why did we build this?

Whether you're working in the Double app with your assistant every day, or you rely on other channels to delegate, we wanted to make it even easier for you to see what your assistant is working on, and where you can unblock progress.

With our new weekly email digest, you can expect an update every week that lets you know exactly where tasks stand, so you and your Double stay in sync.

What's in the email digest?

Email digest

Things that need your attention are always at the top - you can click on any of them to directly respond and share your decisions or feedback in the Double app, where your assistant will take the next steps.

Email Digest - task updates

Your Double assistant will add short updates for ongoing tasks you've assigned them, so you know exactly where they are, and what to expect next.

Email Digest 03 - task overview

You'll also see an overview of all tasks currently open for your Double, in the statuses "in progress," "waiting," and "done."

At the bottom of each email digest, you can see how much time your assistant worked in the previous week, and how much of your plan you've used for the month so far.

Each email is sent with your Double in the same thread, so you can reply directly to the email to get their attention on items you want to discuss, or use the digest as an agenda while reviewing the week and assigning new work to your Double in a 1:1 meeting.

Whether your assistant handles a variety of tasks in a week, or one focused project at a time, you can relax knowing that the Email Digest will keep you up to date on any significant updates, progress, and blockers on your Double’s plate.

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